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Do you feel stuck in your career and wish you could do something about it? Do you crave to have a career with purpose, passion and fulfillment? Would you like to do what you love? Career coaching is for you!


My purpose for career coaching is to help those who are ready to be pro-active in finding a career that will showcase their unique abilities and use them towards something they actually enjoy. I believe if we are going to dedicate our time working, it should be something we should be able to enjoy that will not only make our lives happier but also gives us a sense of fulfillment. With it being so MANY career choices to choose from, it can become overwhelming trying to pick a new career, especially when we don't have a clear cut choice on which path we should take. 


As a career coach, I work with my clients with what we at Life Purpose Institute call the Life Purpose Process©. The Life Purpose process is not like the standard boring assessment we all took at one point in our lives in school or on our own. The Life Purpose process is a self-exploration process where the client can discover their gifts, desires and unique talents. Not only does this process helps to identify who you are at core, but also helps the client to gain more clarity to align their new found purpose with their work. If you are ready to refresh and anew the career path you're currently on, please contact me to set up your free consultation! 

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