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The life purpose/career process was founded by Fern Gorin at the Life Purpose Institute©. The life purpose process is designed to help you discover your life purpose and to help you create the life you always dreamed of. At the Life Purpose Institute, we look at the life purpose process like a puzzle. We gather key information about you, what you love to do, what is important and what you would like to add in your life. From there we put all of our key information together and put the pieces together.

The following are the steps we use in the life purpose process:

1. Self-Exploration:

The coach will ask questions to help you find what makes you happy, what are your unique gifts and talents, what's important to you and so forth. This gives the coach clarification on the type of ideal life you have and what you would like.

2. Blocks:

Blocks can arise when we're taken out of comfort zones and placed into new situations. When this happens its natural for us to feel fear, insecurities, lack of confidence and other issues. The Life Purpose Institute has come up with tools and techniques to help you overcome your blocks and move forward. **Note** some blocks may need more in depth exploration where a therapist or psychologist could help the client get a better understanding. If that case arises, the coach will refer the client to a therapist or psychologist. 

3. Options:

After we have put together elements from the self-exploration process, the client and coach will explore new interest, options and directions the client could follow to begin their new lifestyle.

4. Research/Testing out:

This is where the client will "try out" new choices, paths and lifestyles they would like to take. This is where the client finds out what works for them and what doesn't.

5. Strategic Plan:

A plan of action is developed by the client and coach to help achieve immediate, short and long term goals.

6. Follow-Through for results:

This is where general life coaching will come in to play, to help the client follow-through with the goals they would like to achieve. 

7. Mastering Personal/Business Skills:

Life Purpose: The coach will help support the client master skills to achieve their goals.

Career Process: The coach will help or direct the client to appropriate specialist to help with resumes, obtain a job or start a new business.

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