What My Clients Are Saying


Sip Of Positivitea gives each client an opportunity to re-examine their path in life. Clients who finish one of my sessions come away satisfied and with an improved mindset in managing challenges and pursuing goals. I take pride in reading my coachees’ testimonials and learning how Sip Of Positivitea helped change their lives.

“I have to say having Allynn as my life coach, has really helped me set the tone. At work or in my personal life. The questions asked and the tips given really helped me to relax and take a better look at the different situations in my life and take the proper steps to help me through. I would recommend everyone have at least one good session to see a major impact in your personal life. ”

LaToya H

“Despite the long distance and having sessions over FaceTime, working with Allynn was an overall exhilarating experience.  Her methods of customizing each session just for the individual made the experience very genuine. The overall life coaching experience was extremely beneficial and it helped light the fire in myself, to take more initiative in the way I navigate my own life.  It’s as if I already had the motivation, I just needed a few sips of her positiviTEA!”

Jaxson Lee -Apple

“The course I took taught by Allynn Taylor is not what I imagined I had signed up for at all. I thought it would be much like any course I’ve ever taken in school.  But the title however, speaks for itself. Creative insight journey is an expedition into yourself and the amazing innovative person you are. The course teaches you how to tap into your creativity and how to remember that you are the architect of your future. I learned how to let go and remember not to judge others because I do and say some of those same things. The most memorable part of the course was peer calls and speaking with the other people in my course made me realize no matter what career, relationship or education we all feel the same about life and sometimes it’s just really nice to speak with someone else who doesn’t know you but understands and knows your struggle.”

Mia Fleming

“Since the first day I started working with Allynn Taylor as my life coach, I've seen excellent results in all facets of my life. Her positive demeanor is contagious, allowing her clients to keep a proper perspective, sense of humor and joie de vivre, while consistently keeping us accountable and encouraging us to grow to reach our highest potential. I highly recommend Allynn for anyone seeking clarity, balance and success in all aspects of their lives.”

Ashley Couch -Live Nation Entertainment

“Hi! My name is Chyna and I personally believe that the Creative In-Sight Journey seminar is very effective in helping you find yourself, open your (creative) mind, and helps you learn things about yourself that you didn't know you were capable of. My initial reason for taking the class was to be more open socially and become comfortable around my peers. This class essentially helped me with that but it also helped me discover what I want to do with my career at this present time. Day 1 of the class our instructor told us that there would be this weekly assignment entitled "Peer Calls" and instantly I froze, because for 1.) I don't talk on the phone ever, well with peers only like my mom and 2.) I never thought I could mesh with peers of mine who didn't personally know me. Eventually this class proved me wrong, week after week my peer calls were  something that I would look forward to, like who knew that I would have so much in common with strangers I didn't know nor have ever met. The weekly tools used in the class would help me throughout the week and to this day I still use some, such as, "No judgement" "No expectations" and "Do what you love" those three really just stuck and resonated with me and what I have been experiencing lately. I recommend this course for anyone who feels stuck in their life, or someone who has trouble opening up to themselves and/or others. CIJ will guide you to where you want to go but its up to you to get there.”

Chyna C

“Allynn is awesome. I attended her Life Reinvention Workshop on Jan 25, 2017 and it was just what I needed. I am well on the path that I need to be on at this time in my life. I received just the inspiration and motivation to manifest.”

Delores D


Atlanta GA United States