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Helping You Move Forward

Sip Of Positivitea was born in 2012 when Allynn first learned about coaching when she hit a roadblock in her own life and was struggling to move past it. Turning grief into fuel, Allynn started a motivational text list with over 800 subscribers to date, to help encourage and motivate others. The positive response from family and friends encouraged Allynn to follow her passion and become certified to be a Life and Career Coach.


Upon completing her certification process in 2014, Allynn applied the various tools and techniques she learned from Life Purpose Institute with her clients and decided to take her coaching business to the next level when she met Hay House Author Jennifer Grace. Jennifer trained and certified Allynn to teach Creative Insight Journey (CIJ) from Stanford University's business masters program, where her students and clients can learn over 70 fun, unique and easy coaching tools.


With the combination of compassion, passion, tools and techniques , Allynn helps her clients to utilize both their heads and their hearts and live a more meaningful life. 

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