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Overcome Burnout And Start Living A Healthier Work-Life Balance In 14 weeks


You’ve been neglecting some areas in your life that need your time, attention, and care, which has resulted in experiencing burnout, exhaustion and frustration with your current set of circumstances.


You’ve been wondering what your life would be like if you had:

  • A healthier work-life balance and peace of mind

  • The ability to honor your personal boundaries so you don't spread yourself too thin in your work and home life

  • The motivation to stop procrastinating  


But experiencing burnout has resulted in leaving you exhausted, frustrated, stressed, unmotivated, and depleted of energy.


A balanced life with less stress and anxiety is absolutely a possibility if you apply the tools and techniques I’ve used for the past six years to help my clients. You deserve to: 

  • Have peace of mind consistently rather than sporadically

  • Have the capacity to make time to do things that bring you joy and excitement

  • Have energy throughout your day to increase and maximize your productivity 

  • Have the sense of ease rather than being overwhelmed and irritated all of the time

Does This Sound Like You?

  • You overextend and spread yourself thin in different areas of your life while neglecting the ones that mean the most to you. 


  • You experience stress and anxiety in your daily affairs and it may show up physically as a result. I.e. tension in muscles, biting of the nails, shaking leg, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat, etc.


  • You experience a lack of focus, which causes procrastination and more things added to your plate of responsibilities. 


  • You get easily irritated or annoyed by the smallest things in your day-to-day affairs.

It’s time to stop being fed up with your current set of circumstances and create a life you actually enjoy and feel energized to live every single day. You know that once you can get the clarity, roadmap, plus the proven tools and techniques to overcome burnout,

you’ll finally be able to have a healthy work-life balance.


Are you ready to have balance and more time to enjoy your life?

Introducing Catalyst Insight Journey (CIJ) A 14 week coaching program to help you to eliminate burnout and enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

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What’s included?:

Step 1: Establish and cultivate essential tools/techniques to create a healthy work-life balance for four weeks. You will learn practical tools to discover what has been holding you back from taking the steps to getting rid of your burnout so you can enjoy having a healthy work-life balance. 

Step 2: Experience going more deeply into the tools/techniques as you apply them to the four general work/life challenges for the next four weeks. The four areas you’ll be focused on include purpose and vision, time and stress, relationships, and prosperity/self-worth.

Step 3: Engage in a personalized one-on-one intake session where we explore every aspect/area you would like to see improve. This 50-minute session includes going over every area in your life you would like to see improved and what is getting in the way of making that happen. You and Allynn will get a clear understanding of where the source of your burnout stems from and what you need to do to gain a healthy work-life balance. 

Step 4: Enjoy creating and experiencing your new personalized roadmap for a healthy work-life balance. You and Allynn will create SMART goals (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-limited), addressing blocks and inner conflicts (fears, confidence, limiting beliefs, hard time making changes), plus addressing any issue that may come up during our time together.  

Additional Support: 

Intimate Like-Minded Community: Our small group setting allows a safe space where you can learn, support, and help people who are experiencing the same challenges as you. It always feels good to know that you are not going through something alone and having a community that's beneficial for your growth and well-being.  


8 Weekly group coaching sessions: To discover, learn and apply practical coaching tools to stop your burnout and create a roadmap to a healthy work-life balance. Plus replays/recordings for each session to go back at any point in your life and the pdf files of the slides.


6 Weekly coaching one on one sessions: Personalized 50 minute coaching calls with certified life coach Allynn Taylor. You will go into an in-depth intake session of what particular areas of your life are currently out of balance and how to get them back on track. 


Resources- A list of all of the tools you’ve learned in the first 8 weeks, mindset prompts, a list of self-help books to assist you on your new journey, meditations, plus much more. 



Marcus Aurelius

“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

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I am a certified life coach that helps burnt-out professionals to create a roadmap to gain a healthy work-life balance.


As an ICF accredited and ACC certified life coach, not only have I spent years guiding my clients to improve every area of their lives, I personally have mastered enjoying life and experiencing a healthy work-life balance daily. I serve my clients through Huffington Post articles, workshops, courses, private coaching sessions, and events to give people practical tools to make their lives easier and decrease the burn-out. 


It is my promise to you:


  • If you do the work which includes the suggested tools/techniques, you WILL have results and decrease your anxiety & stress which leads to a well-balanced life. 

  • I will show up for you 100% every time we meet through this 14-week program

  • I will provide a safe and confidential space where you can be vulnerable and your true authentic self

  • I will share all of my resources, tools/techniques that I and my clients use to improve our quality of life. 


I just need one thing from you too. I need you to show up 100 PERCENT and be OPEN to receiving your desired results. 


  • Are a professional who doesn’t mind receiving outside support and accountability to reach your next level in your life

  • Know you’re meant to have a balanced life that gives you more meaning and purpose. 

  • Desire living a life with less stress and anxiety

  • Need clarity and a roadmap on how to end the burnout cycle 

  • Are ready to take action quickly to achieve results instead of waiting on “someday”

  • Want practical tools that help you manage the daily affairs that you can use for a lifetime.


  • Aren’t willing to make time for yourself to do the work and make some changes to get your desired result

  • Don’t want to change your current set of circumstances

  • Are seeking a business coach or career program

Here are some other professionals who are experiencing and enjoying a healthy work-life balance after implementing the Catalyst Insight Journey. Click here.

What's The Investment?

The investment for this 14 week coaching program which includes 8 weekly group coaching sessions

with a small like-minded community on Zoom, 6 personalized one on one coaching sessions and

multiple resources to support you on your journey is $3,000 paid in full or $3,500 for a 3-month

installment payment plan. Upon completing your application, it will be reviewed within 5 business days.

Lets Work!

You’re tired of feeling burnout, on edge, irritated, annoyed, stressed, anxious and overwhelmed...

It’s exhausting freaking out every day because you don’t know how to even address your burnout...

It’s frustrating watching other professionals live a healthy work-life balance and truly enjoying their

lives, while you try to figure out how to even make it through your day...

It sucks constantly wondering if you have to accept if your life will always be this way...

The time to enroll is now. Don’t let another day go by with you still experiencing constant burnout.